The Sun Country Junior Tour has 50 golf tournaments in New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, including match play, stroke play, qualifiers for national championships and a Parent-Junior team event. Check out our events and plan your summer golf schedule!



 Rules & Etiquette



The first section in the Rules of Golf, the Etiquette Section, is frequetly passed over while searching for the definitions and the Rules of Play.  The section is first because it is the most important section in the Rule Book.  Etiquette lays the foundation for the Rules including the "Spirit of the Game."  Click the image to access an interactive guide to Etiquette, complete with animations.

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 The Rules of Golf Explained Video Series

Click the image to watch a series of videos on the rules of golf, including playing the course as you find it, abnormal ground conditions, ball lost or out of bounds, ball unplayable, the flagstick, loose impediments, immovable obstructions, movable obstructions, nearest point of relief, provisional ball, and water hazards 

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